Will Clark / Assistant Professor of English / SFSU

Research and teaching interests: queer theory, 19th and 20th century U.S. literature, contemporary queer literature, U.S. literature and the law, citizenship, and critical race theory.

Will Clark is an Assistant Professor in English Department at San Francisco State University. His research, writing, and teaching connect U.S. literary studies, queer studies, and critical race theory. Across his work, he emphasizes the ways in which historical formations around sexuality, race, gender, and nationality contextualize how we understand social, legal, and literary movements in the present.

Prior to joining the SFSU faculty, he taught English and American Studies at the College of William & Mary. Previously, he taught courses in queer studies and 19th and 20th Century U.S. Literature at UCLA, where he received his PhD. Before beginning his academic career, he worked for four years raising public and private grants in the Bay Area nonprofit sector.

You can find his academic and public writing in the Henry James ReviewNineteenth Century Literature, American Literary Realism, ASAP/J, The Rambling, and Public Seminar; he regularly contributes reviews and essays to the Los Angeles Review of Books.



wsclark at sfsu dot edu

tweets @wscism